I'm Janette

I’m a Style Coach and Fashion Presenter, helping menopausal Business Owners and Leaders, with visibility, confidence and personal styling. I do this by elevating their style and wardrobe to increase their confidence to show up and be seen.

I use my experience and expertise to not only help women to look amazing, but to ‘feel’ good in what they’re wearing too. Having gone through a style and personal transformation myself, I’m on a mission to help as many women as I possibly can to do the same. 

I’m also the daughter of a well known Bespoke Tailor who came from Jamaica as part of the Windrush Generation. My Father served in the British Army before opening his first high street menswear shop in an affluent part of South London in the 1970’s. As well as working in my Father’s ladieswear shop, I would often accompany him to Savile Row in London to deliver his bespoke suits to clients, as well as to fashion exhibitions and wholesalers to purchase stock.

Despite this upbringing, I was an introverted child that lacked confidence and had low self esteem. It’s no wonder that I didn’t feel confident enough to follow in my father's footsteps and instead started a career in the Property industry.

After surrounding myself with other Female Entrepreneurs online, I soon realised that I was falling out of love with the Property Industry and after a few months of soul searching, I decided to train as a Personal Stylist.

As a woman who suffered with low self esteem and a lack of confidence growing up, I learned how to overcome this through my style and the clothes I wore. I wholeheartedly believe in dressing in a way that makes me feel good, and often heard saying “It’s not about the clothes, but how you feel in your clothes!”

I now show other women how their outfits can give them the confidence to walk into rooms that they wouldn’t have felt confident walking into. They no longer have to decline invitations because they don't have anything to wear!  If I can speak on stage and present on live TV, anyone can!

I inspire and encourage positivity to increase your confidence and have been previously told that I have “An amazing ability to empathise with people's emotions, recognising the unique gift of individuals and understanding their deeper needs.”

Get results like these

I know that my next clothes purchases using the guidance from Janette will truly reflect my personality and make me feel good about myself. I left the session feeling so positive as Janette had given me a real confidence boost and a dose of self belief that using her suggestions I will look and feel good. This is the best money I have spent!

I have come away from our session with a better understanding of what styles suit me, how to dress for my body shape and am inspired to buy new styles of clothing I would never have bought before. I now have the confidence to know what clothing works well for me regardless of my current size, which has fluctuated over the years from a size 12 up to a size 18.

I would recommend anybody who has lost their style or doesn't know what clothes styles suit them to contact Janette. She really has made me feel feminine & good about myself again. My love of shopping has returned & I know that now I will only buy items that suit me & work with items I already have


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